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A short story is a piece of prose fiction which can be read in a single sitting.

In today’s technology-driven hectic times — the “span of attention” of the reader is just a few minutes.

So now — a “single sitting” means just a few minutes.

Dear Reader — let me try to write a very short story that you can read on your smartphone in a “single sitting” of a few minutes.




I don’t know if it is the universal truth — but — I have observed that most women have a “template” of an ideal husband — and — after marriage — they try to “mould” their husbands into the “template” of their desired version of “ideal husband”.

Perhaps — from childhood — a girl builds up an image of a “role model husband” in her mind — a persona of what she wants her husband to be like.

She creates this mental image of her “role model husband” — maybe — by observing men — whose qualities she admires — father — uncle — or any man she is impressed by — and then — she tries to find a husband who matches her “role model”.

If she can’t find a perfect match — she tries to transform her husband to fit into her “role model”.

First — she tries to do it in a subtle manner.

But — if it doesn’t work — she may resort to “nagging” and try to force the changes she desires in her husband.

My wife resorts to “nagging” to try and change me to fit her “template” of ideal husband.



Since I am a man — I am telling you what I experienced as a husband — and — I request my women friends to tell us their point of view — if the same is applicable vice versa.




One quality my wife is trying to change in me is to try and make me talk softly.

And — she hasn’t succeeded so far.

I speak loudly — and — my wife doesn’t like this at all.

She has tried her best to convince me to speak softly — including scaring me that I will become deaf if I speak loudly — but — I cannot change my habit — and — I continue to talk loudly — since that is my nature.

Once — we were at a party.

I was in high spirits — enjoying conversation with my friends.

As it is — I talk loudly — and — after imbibing alcohol — I talk even louder.

I must have had 6 (Large) Pegs of Rum — almost half a bottle — and — with so much alcohol fueling my veins — I was probably talking animatedly at the top of my voice.

My wife heard my voice at the other end of the room — so — she walked across — she tugged my arm — and she took me aside.

“Why are you shouting so loudly…? I can hear your voice at the other end of the room. Please talk softly…” she scolded me in a soft but stern voice.

“Stop nagging me — let me enjoy the party…” I said to her.

“I feel so embarrassed by your behaviour — can’t you talk softly like all the others…?” she said to me.

“Others…? Who are you referring to…?” I asked her.

“Look at him — see how refined and polished he is — how softly and politely he speaks — he is such a well-mannered person…” my wife said — referring to “Slimy”.

Yes — she was referring to my colleague who was nicknamed “Slimy”.

“Are you talking about that smooth-talking bugger “Slimy” — refined and polished — my foot…!!! He is a bloody scoundrel…” I said loudly.

“Keep quiet…” my wife said, “he is much better than you…”

“What do you mean “he is much better than me”…?” I said — raising my voice.

“You are such an uncouth loudmouth…” my wife said, “and he is so cultured and soft-spoken — a perfect gentleman…”

“You think “Slimy” is a perfect gentleman…? He is the most unscrupulous bastard I have ever seen. Bloody debauched womanizer…!!! Do you know that he is having an affair with “XXX”…?” I shouted at the top of my voice.


(I loudly mentioned the name of “XXX” — the married woman with whom “Slimy” was having an extra-marital affair)


On hearing my words — my wife looked aghast.

“Keep Quiet — Keep Quiet…” my wife said to me sternly in a hushed voice — and she looked behind my shoulder.

I turned around.

“XXX” was standing right behind me — she looked shocked and unnerved — shaken out of her wits.

Slimy’s wife also seemed to have heard what I had said — there was an expression of haplessness on her face.

There was a hush in the entire room — a grotesque silence — everyone seemed to have heard what I had said.


That night — when we went home — my wife had a big fight with me.

“You are incorrigible…” she said, “I keep telling you to speak softly — but — you never listen to me. Why did you talk so loudly…? It was so embarrassing for me. I will never forgive you…”


Dear Reader — I am confused.

Which is a more serious “offence” — talking loudly — or — committing adultery…?



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A creative person with a zest for life, alumnus IIT Delhi, Lawrence School Lovedale, Vikram Karve is a retired Navy Officer turned full time Writer and Blogger

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Vikram Karve

A creative person with a zest for life, alumnus IIT Delhi, Lawrence School Lovedale, Vikram Karve is a retired Navy Officer turned full time Writer and Blogger